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Friday, May 27, 2011

Hero Friday

Welcome back to Hero Friday. I hope you missed them as much as I did. Thank you for your patience and for returning after all this time. Before we get started with the next hero, I have an announcement. I'm moving, to wordpress. The next hero post will be at my new site http://www.elkefeuer.wordpress.com/. The next post will start there, so don't miss out. :-)

When thinking about this month’s hero, I wanted to pick someone who was not only well known but well liked, the type of hero who could be everything you needed. The charming, debonair boy next door who made your knees weak when he gave you his corky smile and make you laugh until you cried when he opened his mouth to speak. The man who made you drool when he took off his shirt after crashing through the window to save you, only to trip dramatically on the step and make you laugh again. He melts your heart with the passionate songs he sings to you and when he holds your children in his strong arms while he tickles them silly.
The first person that came to my mind was Will Smith. He’s sexy, adorable, funny, and still in love with his wife after all these years. Who wouldn’t want a hero like that?

He wasn't always an a-list actor. Back in the day, he was a rapper, Fresh Prince and his friend, DJ Jazzy Jeff with their hit song, Parents just don't understand. Like every other high-schooler at the time, I knew the words by heart. Even then, there was no mistaking his charisma and star quality. It was little wonder when Hollywood came knocking with his own sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. From there he went on to movie stardom in Independence Day, and the rest as they say is history.
So, who is your dream hero? The man you know would be everything for you? (Other than your husband, of course. :-)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My new site will be revealed this Friday.

I've moved to wordpress, so the new link will be posted here on Friday. Stop by and let me know what you think.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hero Fridays

Is moving to the last Friday of each month. The next one will be posted on the 27th of May.

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This page will receive a facelift next month, so stop by and see the changes.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today, I'd like to talk about Pretty Faced Heroes.

It’s easy to visualize men like Harrison Ford and Sean Connery with their rugged good looks cracking a whip or breaking into a prison to stop a madman, but what about those men who are too gorgeous or pretty to contemplate as anything more than arm candy or models on the cover of a magazine. Can they be our heroes too? Absolutely!  Pretty men are nice to look at and even drool over, but it can be difficult to imagine them as the heroes that will swoop in and rescue us from danger. Not without our vivid imaginations that is. This week's hero made me see that a pretty face can be so much more.
                                                                    Jake Gyllenhaal

(I could loose myself in those eyes, how about you?)

(oh my...looks like he needs help. Any volunteers?)

(The extra muscles he packed on for this part suits him, don't you think ladies?)

Although a good looking man, I could never imagine him as a hero that would kick the bad guy’s ass or yield a weapon to save the woman he loved. His role in the Prince of Persia forced me to think again. The long hair, accent and sharp wit didn’t hurt either, nor did the chemistry between him and the princess which curled my toes, along with the rubble on his face. Had I not seen him in that movie, I might have missed him in Love and other Drugs, even though I adore Anne Hathaway. It was a very real look at a couple, their imperfections and relationship struggles. It showed Jake and Anne in a whole new light. Who knew he had such beautiful blue eyes and the body, oh my. There was an unexpected depth to him that left me with no choice but to add him to my list of heroes.

What pretty faced hero made you change your mind that he could be your ideal hero. Breaking through windows or blowing up walls to come in and rescue you?

Friday, April 8, 2011



By now you've noticed the title of this week's blog is different. Don't worry it's just for today.

For fun, I posted on my Facebook page earlier today that I found a photo of my "hero" naked and erect. Can you guess which one of these villains he is?

Last week I featured a bad ass hero with a heart of gold and fellow author, Barbara Bettis’s comment got me thinking about Villains, so this week I’ve decided to feature “Sexy Villains we wished were Heroes”. You know the ones I'm talking about. The sexy, irresistible bad guys that send unwanted shivers down our spines at their devilish grins and intense eyes that threaten to gobble us up without a protest from our lips.

The first one that came to mind was Chris Sarandon from Fright Night. I couldn’t help but remember the delicious shivers I felt when his dark gaze found me through the window as he was about to sink his teeth into the neck of his next victim.

Soon more sexy villains revealed themselves. The next one was Julian McMahon. He played a very nasty demon in the series Charmed. He captivated me with his seductive voice and good guy pretense that gave me hope that deep down he wasn’t so bad. I was sorely disappointed but it didn’t matter, he was too hot not to continue watching.

And last but certainly not least. In 2009, I saw the new Star Trek movie. I originally watched it to see the sexy new captain, but imagine my surprise when I was knocked off my feet by Zackary Quinto, the actor who played Spock. His sexy eyes took Spock to a whole other level. I love Leonard Nimoy, but I've never wanted to throw him against the side of the lift and kiss him until he took me to the holodeck to fulfill all my sexual fantasies. Imagine my shock when he turned out to be the villain, Sylar, on Heroes.

Channel your dark side ladies and find those villains that you wished were heroes, or maybe you love them just as they are. I won't judge if you tell me all about them.

Friday, April 1, 2011



One of my favorite shows in 2002 was Firefly, although it didn’t last the entire season. I recently discovered it on Apple TV. The story is about the colonization of planets beyond Earth after its resources were used up. There is a captain and his unusual crew who travel the galaxy looking for work. The unique characters, to me, made the show interesting and funny, especially the captain, Malcolm Reynolds, or Mal.
When you first meet him he comes across as a brash, selfish, self absorbed man, but as you get to know him you realized he’s much more complicated and interesting. There are layers to peel away to get to the real him. He’s sexy, foolishly daring, and fiercely loyal; never leaves his crew behind and has a sarcastic sense of humor. While being tortured and his crew are busting through the doors to rescue him, say to his torturer, “If you’re expecting guests, I can come back later.” Now that is a hero! The kind you can’t decide what you want to do with first. Laugh or jump his bones. Despite his gruff exterior he has a heart of gold and is a really decent guy, but sshh don’t let him hear you say it.
Who’s your favorite character that comes across as a hard-ass, but underneath it all a good guy?  

Did you know?
He is the co founder for the non-profit organization Kids Need to Read
He's been in several shows including: Two Guys and a Girl and Desperate Housewives
He did voice overs for several cartoon character including Green Lantern

Friday, March 25, 2011


This week I’ve added something new, Did You Know. It will include a tidbit about the hero that you may or may not know. I hope you enjoy it.

                                                              JAMES (Jimmy) STEWART

Around Christmas time people tune in to watch A Christmas Story, but not me. I flip through the channels to find It’s a Wonderful Life. For those of you who’ve never seen it, you should. The story reminds us that no matter how insignificant we think our existence is, our lives matter.

The meaning behind the story however, is it not what draws me to watch it every Christmas; it’s the star, Jimmy Stewart. To me, he is Classic Hollywood. Some people prefer Paul Newman, or Marlon Brandon, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Jimmy.  Whether it was his sweet smile, boyish good looks or unique voice, something about him appealed to me the moment I saw him.

One look in his eyes, and you knew he was an all around good guy, the kind you could take home to meet the parents. What girl wouldn’t fall in love with that dreamy voice saying he would lasso the moon for her? Sigh! I fell, and hard!

What hero from classic Hollywood did you fall hard for?

Did you know? 
He was the first movie star to enter the service for World War II, joining a year before Pearl Harbor was bombed.
By the early 1950’s he wore a toupee for his roles.
He remained faithful to his wife, while other Hollywood husbands had affairs.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Some heroes remain in our hearts even when their time in the spotlight has faded. For me that hero is:
                                                                    Michael J. Fox

He burst onto the scene in the TV series Family Ties and became the star, and had the honor of being the first male poster on my room wall.

He starred in such movies as Teen Wolf, Back to the Future II/III, Stuart Little, and my favorite, The Secret of my Success.  Although a hero, at 5’4”, he was more adorable than the typical heroes of his time, but I loved him anyway. He captured my heart, and my funny bone with his boy next door comedic charm and adorable smile.

He came back to TV in Spin City, but his career was never the same after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but as with all the challenges in his life, tackled it head on. What more could a girl ask for in her hero? He gave us the hope that our real hero could be just next door.

Who’s your boy next door hero?

Friday, March 11, 2011


                                                                     HUGH GRANT
Hugh, Hugh, Hugh…oh how we love you. He burst onto the scene in the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral and swept me off my feet. Despite his good looks and sparkling smile, that is not why I adore him. It's for his boyish, insecure charm. One look into those innocent wide eyes and an earful of his bumbling pickup lines and I would have done exactly what Andy MacDowell did and jump his bones.
Over the years the characters he played made their way into my heart. From being the Prime Minister of England caught dancing in Love Actually to a love struck book store owner in Notting Hill, to the arrogant, obnoxious, bad boy in Bridget Jones Diary or the washed up eighties pop star with the swinging hips in Music and Lyrics, he became the epitome of the romantic comedy hero.
He is the man who would knock on one hundred doors to find me and tell me in his own special, blubbering way that he loves me. What more could a girl ask for? All these endearing traits make him my hero.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011


There are so many great heroes out there that I struggled with who should be first. I decided to start with the ones from my youth that inspired the heroes of my early stories, moved me to swoon, rush to the theater, and yes, even kiss the television and a poster or two.
Although not all of the heroes posted on this blog will be real people, they are characters that I’ve loved, hated, cried with and for, and that made me laugh. I hope you come to love them as much as I do.
                                                                  HARRISON FORD

The moment I saw him on the big screen as Indiana Jones, my heart raced in my chest, my palms sweat more than usual and goose bumps pulled painfully at every hair on my body. It was love at first sight! Whether he was dressed as the professor with those goofy glasses or in his trademark hat with the shirt that teased me with a view of the exposed hairs on his chest I wanted more than anything to run my hands through; I was hooked.   
I wasn’t old enough to see him in Star Wars when it came out in the theaters, but when it came out on TV he was my first kiss, literally. When he kissed Princess Leia, he was kissing me; through the TV when I closed my eyes and envisioned it. I was a mass of raging hormones, and who wouldn’t be? He was a hero, dreamy and imperfect.
He was overly confident to the point of arrogant, smart, rugged and could turn your knees and any female stubbornness to mush with the mischievous glint of his eye and his crocked smile. What girl or woman didn’t imaging being an archeologist so she could go on a dig with him, or the na├»ve female who got dragged into his dangerous adventures so that she could be thoroughly kissed? I certainly did.

All of these qualities make him a candidate for my hero friday.