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Thursday, March 3, 2011


There are so many great heroes out there that I struggled with who should be first. I decided to start with the ones from my youth that inspired the heroes of my early stories, moved me to swoon, rush to the theater, and yes, even kiss the television and a poster or two.
Although not all of the heroes posted on this blog will be real people, they are characters that I’ve loved, hated, cried with and for, and that made me laugh. I hope you come to love them as much as I do.
                                                                  HARRISON FORD

The moment I saw him on the big screen as Indiana Jones, my heart raced in my chest, my palms sweat more than usual and goose bumps pulled painfully at every hair on my body. It was love at first sight! Whether he was dressed as the professor with those goofy glasses or in his trademark hat with the shirt that teased me with a view of the exposed hairs on his chest I wanted more than anything to run my hands through; I was hooked.   
I wasn’t old enough to see him in Star Wars when it came out in the theaters, but when it came out on TV he was my first kiss, literally. When he kissed Princess Leia, he was kissing me; through the TV when I closed my eyes and envisioned it. I was a mass of raging hormones, and who wouldn’t be? He was a hero, dreamy and imperfect.
He was overly confident to the point of arrogant, smart, rugged and could turn your knees and any female stubbornness to mush with the mischievous glint of his eye and his crocked smile. What girl or woman didn’t imaging being an archeologist so she could go on a dig with him, or the na├»ve female who got dragged into his dangerous adventures so that she could be thoroughly kissed? I certainly did.

All of these qualities make him a candidate for my hero friday.


  1. Oohhhh! I completely agree. I love Harrison. And he's one of those men who's aging soooooo nicely. Not unlike Pierce Brosnan;)
    Yep, let's just say I've kissed many a poster or pillow in my youth.
    Good, fun memories. Thanks!!

  2. I loved Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones. You've got it spot on with the crooked smile and adventure thing! Great post Elke, and I agree with Jenn - I'm sure we've all kissed a poster or pillow or two, four.... LOL

    Great post and welcome to the blogging world!

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  4. Thanks Ladies! I wouldn't have made it here if I hadn't met you at the RWA, been part of the ACA blog. Thanks for challenging me and providing great examples with your own blogs. You guys rock!

  5. Elke, what a marvelous choice! "Oh, Harrison, how I love you!" I've said quite a few times! This man is stunning beautiful and with every movie he makes, he manages to keep the spark alive! As he ages, he just keeps getting hotter, hotter, hotter, and...well, you get the point.

  6. God I LOVE his crooked smile! And he is just a man's man, something hollywood needs more of nowadays!

    Nice topic Elke!

  7. I totally agree with you, Elke. Harrison Ford is a fave of mine too. He definitely has aged well...still so hot and sexy. Great post, sweetie.

    JD :)

  8. Absolutely agree. I never paid much attention to him, but once the illness struck I became a fan. He's handled it all with such courage, determine and resilience--which are still apparent.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post, Elke :)