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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Some heroes remain in our hearts even when their time in the spotlight has faded. For me that hero is:
                                                                    Michael J. Fox

He burst onto the scene in the TV series Family Ties and became the star, and had the honor of being the first male poster on my room wall.

He starred in such movies as Teen Wolf, Back to the Future II/III, Stuart Little, and my favorite, The Secret of my Success.  Although a hero, at 5’4”, he was more adorable than the typical heroes of his time, but I loved him anyway. He captured my heart, and my funny bone with his boy next door comedic charm and adorable smile.

He came back to TV in Spin City, but his career was never the same after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but as with all the challenges in his life, tackled it head on. What more could a girl ask for in her hero? He gave us the hope that our real hero could be just next door.

Who’s your boy next door hero?


  1. Ah, you brought back memories. I just loved Michael J. Especially in Back to the Future movies.


  2. Yes, he's an oldy (okay, maybe not that old), but goody.

  3. Hmmm, Boy next door? That'd have to be Michael Cera. Yeah, I know... not traditionally sexy. But so funny, I think I'd get past the pigeon legs.

  4. I have to agree with you, Cecily. Not traditionally sexy, but cute and with the right guidance, could rock your world. :-)

  5. Oh, I love this choice! Michael is a classic! To this day, he gets better with age, but what makes him a real Hero to me is how he's dealt with his illness...

    Great choice, Elke!

  6. Thanks, Chauncey, he is a classic. I agree, he really became the face and hero for Parkinson.

  7. Elke,
    I, too, loved Michael--for all the reasons mentioned AND because he was just so darn CUTE!

    My generation guy-next-door was Jimmy Stewart. Like Michael, he was an all-around good guy. A good person both publicly and privately. It was a sad loss when he died.

    Love your blog--keep up the good work.

  8. Yes, Michael was a cutie!

    Great minds think alike, Virginia. I was debating on whether my next hero should be Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant. I'll take this as a sign.

    Thanks for the support!