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Friday, April 8, 2011



By now you've noticed the title of this week's blog is different. Don't worry it's just for today.

For fun, I posted on my Facebook page earlier today that I found a photo of my "hero" naked and erect. Can you guess which one of these villains he is?

Last week I featured a bad ass hero with a heart of gold and fellow author, Barbara Bettis’s comment got me thinking about Villains, so this week I’ve decided to feature “Sexy Villains we wished were Heroes”. You know the ones I'm talking about. The sexy, irresistible bad guys that send unwanted shivers down our spines at their devilish grins and intense eyes that threaten to gobble us up without a protest from our lips.

The first one that came to mind was Chris Sarandon from Fright Night. I couldn’t help but remember the delicious shivers I felt when his dark gaze found me through the window as he was about to sink his teeth into the neck of his next victim.

Soon more sexy villains revealed themselves. The next one was Julian McMahon. He played a very nasty demon in the series Charmed. He captivated me with his seductive voice and good guy pretense that gave me hope that deep down he wasn’t so bad. I was sorely disappointed but it didn’t matter, he was too hot not to continue watching.

And last but certainly not least. In 2009, I saw the new Star Trek movie. I originally watched it to see the sexy new captain, but imagine my surprise when I was knocked off my feet by Zackary Quinto, the actor who played Spock. His sexy eyes took Spock to a whole other level. I love Leonard Nimoy, but I've never wanted to throw him against the side of the lift and kiss him until he took me to the holodeck to fulfill all my sexual fantasies. Imagine my shock when he turned out to be the villain, Sylar, on Heroes.

Channel your dark side ladies and find those villains that you wished were heroes, or maybe you love them just as they are. I won't judge if you tell me all about them.


  1. Oh, I loved Julian on Charmed! He was so hot - and evil - but hey, everyone has a bad habit. LOL
    The last pic you have is a hottie too. I didn't see the Star Trek movie, but I can totally picture him as Spock.

    Anyway, I think that this ties in with our obsession with Bad Boys. With them, there is that small chance that they could be villainous;) And that sends a delicious shiver down our spines!

  2. Elke,

    It's wierd you should mention FRIGHT NIGHT. I just read that COLIN FARRELL will be playing the VAMP in the remake of the 80's classic!!!!!!

    Another movie for me to watch for! I love Colin!


  3. Elke,

    I love your post on the villains :) I liked Zachary in "Star Treck"--and if Colin Farrell is playing the vamp I may just have to watch the new "Fright Night."

    I may have mentioned my favorite last week--Richard Armitage, who played the conflicted but evil Sir Guy of Gisborne on the BBC series Robin Hood a couple of years ago. Fortunately (probably because of all the female fan mail) Guy redeemed himself in the last episode by saving Robin Hood. Actually, he would have made a much better Robin Hood. Very sexy.

    I agree with Jen--we love bad boys---they really have to be redeemed (and we'd love to do it :0)

  4. Yes,

    Bad boys are a hard habit to kick, but do we really want to? :-) Oh Colin as a Vamp...I'm definately going to keep my eyes out for that one.

    Zach was very hot in Star Trek and did an awesome job with the character. Who knew Spock could be sexy?!

  5. I had a difficult time coming up with a villian that I liked--then my Cowboys and Indians magazine came. I thumped my head and let out a looooonng "Duhhhh!" How could I NOT think about Wes Studi as Magua In "The Last of the Mohicans." He was AWESOME! He was the "baddest" Mohawk Indian-----EVER! And, yet, you get a glimpse of his vulnerability when he tries to keep the younger Munro sister from leaping to her death. Studi is Cherokee and exudes masculinity. Love the movie, love the soundtrack, and love, love, love Wes Studi.