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Friday, April 1, 2011



One of my favorite shows in 2002 was Firefly, although it didn’t last the entire season. I recently discovered it on Apple TV. The story is about the colonization of planets beyond Earth after its resources were used up. There is a captain and his unusual crew who travel the galaxy looking for work. The unique characters, to me, made the show interesting and funny, especially the captain, Malcolm Reynolds, or Mal.
When you first meet him he comes across as a brash, selfish, self absorbed man, but as you get to know him you realized he’s much more complicated and interesting. There are layers to peel away to get to the real him. He’s sexy, foolishly daring, and fiercely loyal; never leaves his crew behind and has a sarcastic sense of humor. While being tortured and his crew are busting through the doors to rescue him, say to his torturer, “If you’re expecting guests, I can come back later.” Now that is a hero! The kind you can’t decide what you want to do with first. Laugh or jump his bones. Despite his gruff exterior he has a heart of gold and is a really decent guy, but sshh don’t let him hear you say it.
Who’s your favorite character that comes across as a hard-ass, but underneath it all a good guy?  

Did you know?
He is the co founder for the non-profit organization Kids Need to Read
He's been in several shows including: Two Guys and a Girl and Desperate Housewives
He did voice overs for several cartoon character including Green Lantern


  1. Elke,
    I never watched Firefly but your character Mal/Malcolm sounds a lot like my favorite--Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon on NCIS. I love how he comes across like Mr. Tough Guy and then little inklings are exposed to his sensitive side. He can play a great "sensitive man" role, too--loved him in "Freaky Friday" as Jamie Lee Curtis's fiance.

  2. Elke,

    You can read minds! I was reminded of Nathan yesterday when I watched DRACULA 2000 on AMC. He played the priest. But I really like him on CASTLE,love his character. I wish he would get with the detective lady but I know if he does, well, that would be the end of the show.

    Thanks for showing off Nathan!

  3. no way ... I loved Firefly!!!

    ...as for my Hero of the week, definitely Staff Sergeant Nantz from Battle: Los Angeles.

  4. Yes, Mark Harmon was good as the sensative guy in Freaky Friday.

    I didn't notice him in Dracula 2000, I was too busy drooling over Gerard Butler. :-)

    I haven't seen Castle yet, but will keep my eyes open for it. Yea, the show would be over sooner if the characters got together too early, but it does keep us tuning in every week, hoping they do.

    I have seen Battle: Los Angeles yet, Dustin, but it does look good. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Elke, I've never seen him before, but what a great Hero this week! I like how you've described him, as he seems to be someone I would love to hate, and hate to love...Nice!

    As for a guy who is a hard-ass but is really a softy, I would have to say Bruce Willis. In the Die Hard movies, he is such a bad-ass, but in the end, he's the guy who's caring and protective -- the good guy!

    Again, Elke, nice job this week, and I'm looking forward to next Friday...

  6. Hi Elke,
    Yes, I like Nathan, but on Castle--never saw the other one. For a hero, I like Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe of the Bernard Cornwell series. It was on PBS a few seasons ago and, I hope, will be back. I also like Richard Armitage on North and South, the British version. He, unfortunatley,played one of the villians on the BBC series Robin Hood a couple of years ago.

    Now there's a topic--villians we like better than heroes:)

    Great post, Elke!

  7. I loved Bruce Willis in Die Hard. I haven't seen Castle, but I'm certain he's great in it.

    I agree Barbara, villians we like better than heroes, would make a great blog. I will have to think about my perfect villian. Thanks for the tip and stopping by.