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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today, I'd like to talk about Pretty Faced Heroes.

It’s easy to visualize men like Harrison Ford and Sean Connery with their rugged good looks cracking a whip or breaking into a prison to stop a madman, but what about those men who are too gorgeous or pretty to contemplate as anything more than arm candy or models on the cover of a magazine. Can they be our heroes too? Absolutely!  Pretty men are nice to look at and even drool over, but it can be difficult to imagine them as the heroes that will swoop in and rescue us from danger. Not without our vivid imaginations that is. This week's hero made me see that a pretty face can be so much more.
                                                                    Jake Gyllenhaal

(I could loose myself in those eyes, how about you?)

(oh my...looks like he needs help. Any volunteers?)

(The extra muscles he packed on for this part suits him, don't you think ladies?)

Although a good looking man, I could never imagine him as a hero that would kick the bad guy’s ass or yield a weapon to save the woman he loved. His role in the Prince of Persia forced me to think again. The long hair, accent and sharp wit didn’t hurt either, nor did the chemistry between him and the princess which curled my toes, along with the rubble on his face. Had I not seen him in that movie, I might have missed him in Love and other Drugs, even though I adore Anne Hathaway. It was a very real look at a couple, their imperfections and relationship struggles. It showed Jake and Anne in a whole new light. Who knew he had such beautiful blue eyes and the body, oh my. There was an unexpected depth to him that left me with no choice but to add him to my list of heroes.

What pretty faced hero made you change your mind that he could be your ideal hero. Breaking through windows or blowing up walls to come in and rescue you?


  1. Until I saw him in Prince of Persia, I hadn't thought he was hunky hero material. Now my opinion has completely changed! LOL I LOVE that first pic you have of him - HOT!!

  2. Totally agree, Kellie. Until Jake "roughed up" I wasn't interested. But after P of P I gave him a second look.
    Now if all the other pretty boys would stop shaving and let their hair grow life would be perfect;) Sorry, ladies. Pretty boys don't cut it for this gal.
    Great post, Elke. Fun topic!

  3. Great post, Elke! You have me really wanting to see "Love and Other Drugs..." and badly! This blog was worth the wait. ;-)

  4. I agree with you ladies. All the pretty boys should toughen up, maybe then we'd give them a second look.

    You should see it, Chauncey. You get to see a lot more of him, both physically and emotionally.

    I'm glad you ladies enjoyed the post. I certainly enjoyed looking for the photos.

  5. A couple of pretty boys that I always thought were "rugged" even though they were heartthrobs were; 1. Tom Selleck when he played Magnum 2. Brad Pitt when he played Tristin in "Legends of the Fall" and What's-his-face in "Troy."
    3. Kevin Kostner in just about anything -- :-)

  6. I agree with you about Tom Selleck and Kevin Kostner. They're good looking, but not too pretty.

    Not a big fan of Brad Pitt. As an actor, yes, but he doesn't do it for me.